About us


Far away does not have to be so far anymore. The days of bad connections, dropped calls and hang-ups are gone, because SUGUN has made it to the market! 

SUGUN, from Host Ltd, is a new and innovative VoIP service, offering high-quality telephone services to people all around the world. Our major goal at SUGUN is to provide easy-to-use, advanced, affordable and reliable telephony solutions to both individuals and companies worldwide, without hefty expenses and complicated deals.

 Inspired by the latest telecom technologies available, SUGUN can be used anytime, from anywhere in the world. The services work from any phone (home, office, mobile …), with any SIP devices, with or without an internet connection, to bring you a premium quality connection with loved ones or business partners.


Our SUGUN promise is to always provide our valued customers with premium call quality at honest, competitive rates, and backing it up with a reliable customer support service, available 24/7. Our goal is to build genuine, solid connections between people from all walks of the earth, without the hassle of unreliable connections or hefty bills.