Is Sugun Free?


The basic Sugun service, Sugun-to-Sugun calls and messages, is absolutely free!

How can it be free?

Sugun uses your 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi internet connection to allow you to connect and share with friends and family freely, wherever they may be!

How do I make a free call with Sugun?

Using Sugun to make a free call is just like making a regular call, only through the Sugun application. First, check that you have a stable Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G connection and then you can make high quality phone calls to any other Sugun user in the world, for free!

How do I send a free message with Sugun?

Using Sugun to message your friends and family is just like regular text messaging, only way more exciting! First, check that you have a stable Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G connection and then you can send text and voice messages, pictures, video, location and tons of colourful stickers to any other Sugun user in the world, for free!

There is no chance I will be charged?

Mobile data charges may apply when you are roaming or if you have exceeded your data plan. If your data plan is not unlimited, use a Wi-Fi connection as often as possible to avoid additional charges. If you are uncertain regarding your data plan, contact your service provider for further information.

What if I call a contact who does not have Sugun?

Sugun will never complete a call to a non-Sugun user without first notifying you that you are about to make a regular call and requesting permission to do so. In this case, your regular GSM package rates apply.

Users with Sugun Out can make phone calls from Sugun to non-Sugun users at low rates. Learn more about Sugun Out here.

What are the available ways to call using SUGUN?


With SUGUN, there are many ways that will let you benefit while calling your friends and relatives, and loved ones from abroad at the best and cheapest international calling rates ever.

You will be able to call anytime, anywhere, even from your mobile, landline, smartphone, tablet or computer.

We offer the following ways to call through SUGUN:

Free Calling, also known as SUGUN-to-SUGUN Calls or even FREE Dial

Online Calling Cards, also known as Prepaid Calling Cards or even PIN & PINLess Dial

No Internet Calling, also known as SUGUN Numbers, Local Numbers or even Direct Dial

Computer Calling, also known as PC-to-Phone Calls or even PC Dial

Mobile Calling, also known as Phone-to-Phone Calls or even Mobile Dial

VoIP Calling, also known as SIP Calls or even VoIP Dial

Incoming Numbers, also known as DID Numbers or even Virtual Numbers